dNTPs 25 mM/100 mM


Compatible with various molecular biology application

High quality and stability

Compatible with most of DNA polymerases

Product does not contain harmful chemicals

dNTPs 25 mM/100 mM

OX 003 MIX 1ml 25mM

120 €

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dNTPs 25 mM/100 mM

OX 003 SET 1ml X 4 100mM

720 €

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dNTPs are manufactured according to DIN ISO 9001:2000 certified quality management system. Each dNTP has high Puritiy (99% by HPLC).

Reagents are validated at our research facility. They meet the quality needs of demanding Molecular Biology applications such as, Reverse Trascription, Q-PCR, PCR , DNA labeling, DNA sequencing.‚Äč

Protocol of dNTPs 25 mM/100 mM

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